WhatsApp Introduces 5 New Features to Use WhatsApp Status

WhatsApp introduced 5 new features concerning WhatsApp status. Reels and Snapchat statuses will be disappeared within 24 hours of posting. WhatsApp status will be used to display videos, photos, or text to the people who are in our contact list. The Status will be secured with end-to-end security. Now, WhatsApp brings 5 amazing features. Check them here.

WhatsApp Introduces 5 New Features to Use WhatsApp Status

1. Show Status To Select Users

WhatsApp has newly introduced a feature that allows the users to show their status to only particular set of contact. Users can set who can watch the status. Go to privacy settings option and set the status to whom we can show in our contacts. Exclude the people who need not to watch the status.

2. Share Status in Voice

Now, WhatsApp status can be set in voice. Users can record their voice and share it on status. 30 seconds voice status is allowed. The voice status can be used to express your feelings.

3. React to Status With Emojis

WhatsApp status now allows the users to comment using pre-designed emojis. Just open the status by swiping up and tap on one of the eight emojis to share your reactions. Users can also mention a text or voice as reply.

4. Status Profile Rings for New Updates

Instagram feature is now brought to the WhatsApp status update that is rings which lights up for any new Status update. The ring will appear around contact’s profile picture whenever they share a status update. It will appear in chat lists as well as group participants list and also in contact info.

5. Link Previews on Status

WhatsApp will show the quick preview of the link content, when you send a message.

These new WhatsApp status features will be rolled out shortly for all WhatsApp users.

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