WhatsApp Introduced ‘Accidental Delete’ Feature to Undo Deleted Messages

WhatsApp releases various new features and keeps the app up to date. The Whatsapp is most popular for its ease of use and timely updates. Recently, a new feature, ‘accidental delete’ has been introduced on Whatsapp. This feature enables the users to retrieve back of deleted messages. If the message has been deleted accidentally for a group of users or for an individual user, they can be retrieved back using this accidental delete option.

WhatsApp Introduced ‘Accidental Delete’ Feature to Undo Deleted Messages

The Accidental Delete feature was introduced to protect the users from situations where they meant to delete a message for everyone, but accidentally selected the ‘Delete for me’ option.

 “We’ve all been there, but now you can UNDO when you accidentally delete a message for you that you meant to delete for everyone!” WhatsApp said.

Whatsapp Accidental Delete Feature – How to Use?

The new Accidental Delete feature on WhatsApp is released for all users on Android and iOS devices.

If the users sent a wrong message to a person or a group and feel to delete the message, 5 seconds of time will be there to revert your decision and you can Undo the ‘Delete for me’ action.

Users can find an ‘undo’ option soon after deleting the message. Click on ‘undo’ to bring ack the message. Now, users can click on the delete button and tap Delete for Everyone from the options.

WhatsApp self-Messaging Feature

WhatsApp recently introduced one more impressive feature, which is, Message Yourself feature. This feature allows any WhatsApp user to initiate a 1:1 chat with themselves and send important updates, notes, reminders, shopping lists etc.

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