Twitter’s Major Data Breach: Email Addresses of Millions Shared by Hackers

Twitter data leak breach has left users in big trouble. Hackers have uploaded the email addresses of Twitter users on a hacking site. This shows that the personal information of the users has been exposed, and the users may be a great risk as they are being targeted by cybercriminals.

Twitter’s Major Data Breach: Email Addresses of Millions Shared by Hackers

Alon Gal, Hudson Rock’s co-founder, claims that this will lead to a surge in cyber-attacks such as hacking, phishing, and doxxing.

Several users took to Twitter to present their take on the matter at hand. A Twitter user pointed out, “Why would they drop this for free? Couldn’t they sell it off to people easily enough? Or would that be too traceable? Or is this data just not worth much money?”

Another user expressed concern and wanted to know “how do I check if my account has been listed in this leak? Without downloading the leaked files?”

A news source has stated that users of Twitter can check their own email address on “Have I Been Pwned,” a website that helps individuals determine if their personal information has been compromised in a data breach.

But the data was “obtained sometime in 2021 by abusing an API that enabled email addresses to be resolved to Twitter profiles. The subsequent results were then composed into a corpus of data containing email addresses alongside public Twitter profile information including names, usernames and follower counts.”

Troy Hunt, the creator of ‘Have I Been Pwned,’ examined the leaked data and confirmed on Twitter that it appeared to be as described.

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