Twitter ‘Verification for Organisations’ Feature to Launch Soon

Micro-blogging platform Twitter is soon going to launch the ‘Verification for Organisations’ feature, this feature was initially called as ‘Blue for Business’. Elon Musk-owned Twitter is adding this feature to allow a limited set of organisations to use the feature.

 “We will soon launch Verification for Organizations, formerly known as Blue for Business. Today, you can apply for early access via our waitlist. “We’ll be reviewing applications and opening up access to a limited group on a rolling basis in the coming weeks,” the company wore on Twitter.

Twitter ‘Verification for Organisations’ Feature to Launch Soon

Business users will receive business accounts and affiliation badges through our self-serve administrative portal. Twitter aims at making it possible for businesses to create networks within their own organizations–on Twitter.

Organizations can affiliate their brands, leadership, employees, support handles, or teams. Sports team players, Journalists, or movie characters can all be affiliated. Twitter shared that each affiliate will be verified and officially linked to their parent handle based on a list provided by the parent organisation. The details of new criteria, pricing, and the process will be announced soon.

“This is an incredible moment for organizations to further incorporate their affiliated individuals, businesses, and brands into the DNA of Twitter. In the future, we plan to layer more value into the offering to help organizations and their affiliates get the most from Twitter,” the microblogging platform noted.

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