Microsoft AI-powered Bing caused several mistakes

Google’s valuation has lost over 100$ Billion because of the error caused by its AI tool Bard. The error occurred in the content featured on an ad generated by AI. Microsoft’s new Bing looks similar to the ChatGPT.  As per the reports, Microsoft’s ChatGPT-powered Bing missed out on some numbers while analyzing the earnings of the 2 companies.  

Microsoft AI-powered Bing caused several mistakes

An independent researcher Dmitri Brereton wrote in a substack post that “Bing AI got some answers completely wrong during their demo. But no one noticed,” and he also said, “Instead, everyone jumped on the Bing hype train.”

Not only this! Bing has made several mistakes till now, they include search results for a travel plan and specifications of a vacuum cleaner. These search results were not noticed by the researchers. These search results will be noticed when observed closely.

The reports are stating that Microsoft and Google are planning to launch the AI version to compete the latest sensation ChatGPT. As the AI is presently in boom, these companies are planning to implement the AI.

The reports stating that Bing is planning to make necessary changes to make it efficient. Both Microsoft and Google are working on their AI search tools.  

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