Jio 5G, True 5G Rolls Out in Select Cities of Andhra Pradesh, All States to Get 5G by December 2023

Jio has released the 5G technology services in various cities of Andhra Pradesh. The cities include, Vijaywada, Tirumala, Visakhapatnam, and Guntur. Andhra Pradesh Information and Technology Minister Gudivada Amarnath and Chief Secretary KS Jawahar Reddy launched the Jio True 5G and Jio True 5G Powered Wi-Fi services.

Jio 5G, True 5G Rolls Out in Select Cities of Andhra Pradesh, All States to Get 5G by December 2023

Jio has showcased various benefits of 5G in healthcare field, through Jio Community Clinic medical kit, and the revolutionary AR-VR device, Jio Glass.

“These benefits will bring phenomenal changes in the lives of people in Andhra Pradesh,” it said.

Gudivada Amarnath, Andhra Minister for Industries and Commerce and Infrastructure and Investment, said that 5G services will bring transformational benefits to the people of the state.

“I am happy to launch Jio’s True 5G services in Andhra Pradesh. 5G services, in the long run, will bring transformational benefits for the people of Andhra Pradesh,” he said.

The minister said that Jio 5G services will be available throughout the state by the end of next year.

“Apart from their existing investment of Rs. 26,000 crore, additionally Jio has invested over Rs. 6,500 crore for deploying a 5G network in Andhra Pradesh and this shows their immense commitment towards our state’s development. By December 2023, Jio True 5G services will be made available in every town, taluka, mandalam and village of Andhra Pradesh,” he added.

Chief Secretary KS Jawahar Reddy said that the new service will offer various growth opportunities in several areas including education, e-governance, and healthcare.

“With the launch of Jio’s True 5G services, Andhra Pradesh is not just getting the best telecommunication network, but will open doors to growth opportunities in the areas of e-governance, education, healthcare, IT and SME business,” he said.

“Jio True 5G will also enable citizens and government to remain connected on a real-time basis and will also improve implementation and efficiency of government schemes till the last mile user. Andhra Pradesh Government has a special focus on the start-up ecosystem, and the advent of True 5G services by Jio will give a huge boost to the start-ups that are working on new technologies such as IoT, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Data Analytics. The advent of Jio True 5G will further propel these Start-ups in Andhra Pradesh and give them wings to fly,” he added.

A Jio spokesperson said the True 5G network will expand its services across the state in shortly.

“We are excited to commence Jio True 5G in Andhra Pradesh. Jio True 5G network will expand across the length and breadth of the state within a short period of time. Jio engineers are working round-the-clock to deliver True 5G benefits to every Indian so that the transformational power and the exponential benefits of this technology can be experienced by every citizen of our great country.”

The spokesperson expressed gratitude to the state Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy Garu and the state government “for extending their support in digitising Andhra Pradesh”.

Jio 5G update release aid started on December 26, Jio users in Tirumala, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, and Guntur will be invited to the Jio Welcome offer through which they can experience Unlimited Data at up to 1 GBPS+ speeds, at no additional cost. More cities in the state will get the 5G by January 2023, it said.

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