iOS 16.3.1 Causes App-Breaking Bug For Google Photos Users

Apple recently released IOS 16.3.1 update for all IOS gadgets. This advanced update is now causing a bug for Google Photos users. Check the details of the IOS 16.3.1 update and its effects from the following.  

iOS 16.3.1 Causes App-Breaking Bug For Google Photos Users

According to a report, iOS 16.3.1 is causing an app-breaking bug in the Google Photos app—which causes the photos to crash immediately after opening them on Google Photos.

Many of the people who are using Google Photos have experienced this problem and reported it on social media. The main problem is, it is crashing the photos on Google App as soon as the users open them; this problem is caused by the recent update to iOS 16.3.1.

Along with social media users, the publication’s readers have also expressed the same problem caused by iOS 16.3.1. This problem is affecting many iOS users. This is the biggest problem of Google users.

Google is aware of this problem caused by the latest iOS 16.3.1 update and is working to fix this problem as soon as possible. The issue will get fixed by Google without affecting more users.

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