How to Send Happy New Year 2023 Stickers on Instagram, WhatsApp

Celebrating New Year is an absolute fun for everyone. Sharing our New Year wishes to friends, family members, and everyone is a part of the celebration. Nowadays, Whatsapp and Instgram are the best available options to share the wishes. Sharing the wishes on Social Media apps is the most trending form. People who wish to share New Year Stickers on Instagram and Whatsapp can check the process from here.

How to Send Happy New Year 2023 Stickers on Instagram, WhatsApp

How to send Happy New Year stickers on WhatsApp

Initially, users have to download the Happy New Year stickers from the Google Play Store. Navigate to the Google Play Store and download any sticker pack of choice from there.

After downloading the Happy New Year Stickers from the PlaySore, open it and add it to your WhtasApp. Multiple sticker packs will be available inside the app. Add all of them with an Add button next to them in a shape like a plus (+). Click the + button to add the stickets to the WhatsApp.

After adding the stickers, users can send them to their beloved people through WhatsApp.

Open the Chat window on WhatsApp; select any contact and send stickers of your choice. Open the Emoji Section and in the right-most tab for stickers. Where Happy New Year Stickers will be visible. Send them to your contacts to share the wishes.

The process mentioned above is for Android phone users. While the IPHONE users can ask the Android users to share the stickers and mark them as ‘Favourite’ to resent them to their friends, family members, and beloved people.

How to send Happy New Year stickers on Instagram

Sending Happy New Year Stickers on Instagram is very simple. Open the Direct Message on the Instagram App; open chat window of the receiver. Sticker Icon will be visible next to the text-typing bar at the bottom. Click on it and search a sticker in the search bar. Find New Year Stickers over there. Click on your favorite sticker and send it.

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