Google Announces Search and Maps AI Event on February 8

Google has introduced an AI-centric event on 8th February, which gives new updates on Search and Maps as per the reports. Google AI event will be live streamed from Paris. Google will introduce the world of artificial intelligence (AI); while it will announce the details on Google’s possible rival to ChatGPT. Google AI event will takes place on 8th February at 8:30 AM ET (7:00 PM IST). Google will announce the I/O conference where it gets to interact and network with the developer community.

Google Announces Search and Maps AI Event on February 8

Google is seemingly introducing the AI project especially to compete with the recent sensation ChatGPT app.

Google has stayed away from the away from the Open AI while it has now introducing the AI in search and maps to make its own product.  

Google is working on ChatGPT rival is expected to follow the same model, as mentioned by the CEO Sundar Pichai. Google is working on natural language AI and will offer via Search to the consumers.

Google is working on AI project to face certain challenges. The company has been worried about ethics of the application. While the ChatGPT has grabbed the whole attention in AI field. Google may prepare its competitor soon.  

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