Apple Reveals Audiobook Collection Narrated By AI

Tech giant Apple has introduced a catalog of books narrated by artificial intelligence. With this Apple has made a big move and entered into the multi-billion dollar audiobook industry.

Apple Reveals Audiobook Collection Narrated By AI

The new feature by Apple represents a major shift in audiobook publishing. Authors can narrate their own books.

Apple’s website mentions that this feature is presently available only for romance and fiction books, with two available digital voices – Madison and Jackson – and two more voices – Helena and Mitchell – on the way for non-fiction books.

“We’re starting with fiction and romance, and are accepting ebook submissions in these genres,” said the company.

At the moment, the service is only available in English, and Apple is remarkably particular about the types of books its digital narrators can read, said the report.

“Primary category must be romance or fiction (literary, historical, and women’s fiction are eligible; mysteries and thrillers, and science fiction and fantasy are not currently supported),” reads the website.

If users search for “AI narration” in the Books app, they will find a series of romance novels with a small notice saying they’re “Narrated by Apple Books”.

“This is an Apple Books audiobook narrated by a digital voice based on a human narrator,” reads each audiobook listing that uses the company’s digital narration service.

Apple’s AI Narration books includes free and paid audiobooks; and the artificial voices are about as good as users would expect perfect  comprehensible but with a clearly artificial edge that lacks the warmth of a human storyteller, the report added.

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