Apple Could Soon Bring Reverse Wireless Charging For iPhones

Apple is working on wireless charging, and showed its focus by supporting Qi wireless charging standard since many years. Now, Apple is in progress to offer wireless charging on iPhones, which could commence soon, as per the reports.

Apple Could Soon Bring Reverse Wireless Charging For iPhones

A report from a popular tech giant recently revealed that, Apple is working on the development of wireless charging feature and delaying due to engineering issues. The report further specifies that Apple could launch this technology for the latest iPhone 14 Pro models. Apple working on fine-tuning the software and is going to launch wireless charging soon with the best model.

The iPhone introduces lots of best features every time. Apple is presently working on charging an AirPod on the iPhone wirelessly has been a fantasy. Samsung is presently offering wireless charging on Galaxy S models, and people spending upwards of Rs 1 lakh would ideally expect Apple to have it in their armory as well.

Apple is not set to launch the feature without being fully done. So, presently Apple is working on AirPower multi-device wireless charger. It is soon going to hit the market.

The recent reports state that Apple is working on a different version, which is reverse wireless charging. Apple could use software optimization to enable a charging tone/sound to alert the user that the charging of the device has started.

Apple will also have to assure that charging by means of the iPhone affects both the gadgets in touch through the wireless charging coil. It has functioned admirably by means of the MagSafe connectors on the battery for iPhones, presently carrying that to the iPhone with internal parts is something else entirely out and out. Apple is as yet working at the component, and we don’t know which iPhone model will offer it yet anticipate that that should be saved for the Pro models.

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